Registration & Payment

Registration & Payment

Dear Participants of the Sixth International ULEAD Conference on Research in Applied Linguistics - ICRAL 2022We look forward to seeing you face-to-face between 9-11 May 2022 in Amasya in ICRAL 2022.

Please note:


1- ICRAL 2022 will be held  FACE-TO-FACE.


2- All participants must register and pay the conference fee according to the deadlines announced.  Please note that those who do not register and make the payment will not be included in the conference program. 


Thank you for your cooperation.



Presenter Registration Fee is 30$ (400 TL) An author may participate in a maximum of three papers. The participants with two papers are required to pay extra 200 (15$)TL (400+200). For the joint papers, responsible author pays 30$ (400 TL) and other authors of the paper are required to pay 200 TL (30$).

  1. Poster presentation fee is 400 TL.(30$)
  2. The fee includes access to all online sessions, conference pack, certificate of attendance and presentation, and the publication of paper manuscripts in supporting journals. 
  3. Participation fee is 200 (15 $)TL as a listener. 
  4. When making the accepted notice payment, the explanation section must include the name and surname of the author (s) and the ID number of the related article (you can access the ID number by logging in with your user information).
  5. For the joint papers, the responsible author can obtain the participation certificate of the other authors.
  6. The conference participation fee must be paid until 30 April 2022


Çanakkale Ziraat Bankası Kordon Şubesi Kongre  Hesabı

Name of the Bank: Ziraat Bankası

Branch Name: Çanakkale Kordon Şubesi

Conference Bank Account: Çanakkale Ziraat Bankası Kordon Şubesi Kongre  Hesabı

Şube Kodu

Bank Branch Code


Hesap no

Account No




Hesap Adı

Accout Name

Uluslararası Eğitim Araştırmacıları Derneği 



TL Hesabı

Turkish Lira Account IBAN

TR35 0001 0008 1363 0011 3050 02  

Euro Hesabı

Euro Account IBAN

TR08 0001 0008 1363 0011 3050 03

Dolar Hesabı

Dolar Account IBAN

TR78 0001 0008 1363 0011 3050 04  



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